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Goat polyclonal antibody production services


PACKAGE 1 peptide-2 goats 1 protein-2 goats Phosphopeptide-2 goats Modified peptide-2 goats 2 peptides-2 goats  
CAT N° SP1001 SP1002 SP1003 SP1004 SP1005  
Immunizing peptide*     
Antigen delivered by customer          
Peptide synthesis    
Other modified peptide          
Peptide conjugation and immunization    
Number of antigens 1 1 1 1 2  
Number of goats 2 2 2 2 2  
Serum harvest  
IgG enrichment  
Number of antigen purified antibodies 2   2 2 4  
Protein G purified antibodies   2        
Antigen ELISA titre determination  
Clearance of non-modified peptide reactivity        
Extended protocol for multiple harvests Optional Optional     Optional  
Conjugation to reporter Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional  
WB testing Optional Optional     Optional  
Delivery with immunizing peptide and report    
PRICE $1750 $1600 $1950 subject $2400  

*peptide sequence to be provided by customer

Please browse the packages above as an example of what we can do for you and contact for more information or a customised quote. If you wish to download an order form, please click here.  

If you need a large amount of one of our catalogue items, and we do not have such quantities at stock, you can now order a custom project involving multiple goats and regular supply by continuous harvests while keeping the goats alive.
Please check our Extended protocol for multiple harvests in the table above. 

We are specialists in antigen affinity purified polyclonal antibodies and our processes have been optimised during the past decade producing thousands antibodies for our own catalogue. Everest's Advantages:


Using goat as host means large batch sizes - remember that the costs to validate a small batch of antibody or a large one are identical.


The lowest prices in the world for custom antigen affinity purified polyclonal antibodies.


From a team with over decade of experience.


ISO9001 certified production laboratory. Highly educated and trained staff with leadership at PhD level. Fully qualified veterinary doctor on staff.


Run from QMS ISO9001:2015-certified offices in the UK. Preferred provider to most global and well known catalogues. 


ELISA guarantee built into every quote


Custom Antibody Services - FAQ's

What is the expected yield per goat?

Yield strongly depends on the target protein, the individual goat, the choice of peptide and environmental factors. Yield can be as low as a few mg and as high as a few hundreds of mg. We never exceeded 400 mg levels from one single goat, except when using extended protocol . Please bear in mind that these figures are based on peptide affinity purified IgG developed to a 10-15aa peptide, so such yields cannot be fairly compared with those developed to total proteins, or with protein A/G purified antibodies.

Will you be able to provide grams of affinity purified IgG?

See above. For grams we will need to immunize several animals and pool the yield. It would make sense to test a sample from an existing product from our catalogue before ordering grams of the same. Please bear in mind that each animal may produce a slightly different product. By pooling the products from several animals (all immunized with the same peptide) we would dilute any individual variations and the blend will be the gold standard for future productions. See Extended protocol for multiple harvests.

Why do you only test ELISA titres and not specificity?

The ELISA titre is merely a measure to test the reactivity of the product to the used immunogen. It does not reflect its reactivity to the target protein in tissues or cell lines, nor does it measure specificity. These need to be addressed in the applications that the custom antibody is required for. Both titre and specificity will be different for each application. Our titres are specified on the product sheets as: ELISA: antibody detection limit dilution.

What happened to the promotion?

The promotion has been closed. Only ongoing projects will continue until finished.