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SP1001 Affinity Purified anti-Peptide Polyclonal Antibody

One Peptide-Two Goats antibody purification package - Introductory offer - $1750 (including shipping to Europe and USA)



Time Frame:

  • Peptide synthesis (<15 a.a, >70% purity, 15 mg)
  • Conjugation of cysteine-containing peptide to hemocyanin carrier
  • Immunization of 2 goats (11 week protocol)
  • Terminal Bleeds – expect between 500ml and 1000ml per goat (note only purified antibody will be delivered
  • ELISA test of the serum on the immunizing peptide
  • Antigen affinity purification of specific antibody from each serum giving good responses by ELISA
  • ELISA on the immunizing peptide of the affinity purified product.
  • ELISA results
  • 3 mg of unconjugated peptide
  • affinity purified antibody from each goat with proper titre to the immunizing peptide
  •  ~20-100mg of affinity purified antibody in total from each goat is possible



  • Peptide Synthesis: 2-3 weeks
  • Conjugation: 1 week
  • Immunization and ELISA: 12 weeks
  • Purification and Shipping: 2-3 weeks
  • Total 17-19 weeks




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