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AntibodyXchange – the novel way to cash in on ineffective antibodies

We are offering you the opportunity to trade in any redundant antibodies
(regardless of manufacturer) in part exchange for an equivalent high quality Everest Biotech
You don’t even have to send them to us; simply enter the details of your
unwanted antibodies, stating manufacturer, catalog no., lot no. (if present) plus
reason for unsuitability in the form below. In return, Everest Biotech will send you a discount code that will get you an
Everest equivalent (100ug of affinity purified antibody) for just $100 (or £85 / €65).
As a manufacturer of over 3500 antibodies, we are confident we can satisfy your specific requirements - please check the search box to see if we have an equivalent antibody.  Everest's industry leading "100% Satisfaction Guarantee"  applies to your purchase,  more details here.

Terms and Conditions

Scheme applies to primary antibodies only and is offered to customers ordering direct from Everest Biotech only - not those purchasing via our authorised distributors, unless confirmed with them first.