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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Works in your lab or your money back!

If any of our primary antibodies does not perform as stated on the datasheet we will issue a full credit or replacement antibody product. All that we ask is that you complete our simple 100% Guarantee Form to let us know where we can improve.

Frequently asked questions 

Do I need to reference a promo code during my purchase to take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
No, a promo/offer code is not necessary. 

How long do I have to test the antibody?
You have 6 months from purchase to initiate your claim by filling in the 100% Guarantee Form.

Does the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee apply to more than one antibody purchase?
Absolutely. The guarantee applies to as many different antibodies as you would like to evaluate, though you can't claim more than once on the same antibody.

Does the antibody need to be returned if my experiment is unsuccessful?
No, the antibody does not need to be returned, however you must complete all fields of the 100% guarantee form.

Terms and Conditions

The guarantee is offered to direct customers of Everest Biotech, those purchasing via our distributors should confirm availabilty with them first.  100% guarantee form must be completed within 6 months of receipt of antibody. Credit covers the cost of antibody. Product replacements depend on product availability. Antibodies purchased in bulk order or for resale purposes are expressly excluded from this guarantee. This guarantee is non-transferable and void upon resale of antibody.  Credit will only be offered once per antibody per customer.