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Extended protocol for multiple harvests

For this service, multiple goats will be involved and they are kept alive for multiple bleeds.  The affinity purified antibodies from the different goats can be blended upon request in order to keep a golden standard of performance in QC over time. The price of this service will heavily depend on the size of the project. 

This service is available either as an extension to any of the custom service packages, or for custom high yield production of a catalogue antibody. 


Cat. No.

Service Items


  • EXG1*
  • EXG2*
  • EXG3*
  • EXGP1
  • Shipping
  • Goat Additional Production Bleed (~150 ml) and ELISA test (per animal)
  • Additional Boost Immunization
  • Animal maintanance (per animal)
  • Extra purification from upto 450ml serum
  • Delivery of purified antibody (per delivery)
  • $95.00
  • $55.00/injection
  • $1.80/day
  • $600.00
  • subject*

 * Delivery charges: USA & Canada $50, UK £16, EU €42, Asia $60, Australia $70