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Everest Biotech's goat polyclonal antibodies are released either as Everest Elite Grade or Aspiring Grade products, depending on their performance in testing and the state of knowledge about the target protein. Everest Biotech offers high quality alternatives to the Santa Cruz polyclonal product range. Everest Biotech's commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been recognised with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation (Certificate number CA14829, Quality policy ).

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Elite Grade Antibodies

  • Guaranteed to work as specified on the datasheet, or your money back- part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Peptide ELISA data showing they recognise the immunizing peptide.
  • Western blot data showing correct size band on physiologically relevant tissue or cell line.
  • IHC/IF data and specific publications where available.
  • Also available in bulk for assay developers.
  • Elite grade plus antibodies have 3+ applications. 

 Aspiring Grade Antibodies

  • Brought quickly to the market for targets that have few or no commercial antibodies available and for which there is little or no expression data in the literature.
  • Supported by peptide ELISA data.
  • Low background but wrong size band or no signal in the range of common cell lines and tissues available for testing.
  • Sold at a significantly reduced price but we are not certain that they will recognize the native protein in any application.
  • Reward for sharing data showing the antibody working successfully - submit your data to [email protected] to receive a free antibody of your choice.

Immunising Peptides

  • Peptides used in production of antibodies avaiable for blocking experiments.
  • Sold as 100µg of Lyophilised peptide.

Secondary antibodies

  • Please view our range here.

Positive Control Lysates

  • Please view our batch specific range here.


We now distribute Shi-fix ™ coverslips. For more information please click here.