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Custom antibody promotion


Are you planning to have customised polyclonal antibodies made for your research? Since 2000 Everest Biotech has been producing a catalog containing thousands of affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies. Now you can make our Antibody Factory work for you - find out about our Custom Antibody Services or follow the simple steps below to request $300 custom antibody.  Every month we will take up to 20 projects. See the success stories from previous happy collaborators!

The process:

  1. Nominate your human, mouse or rat target protein and fill in our short application form.  
  2. If your choice of target protein is deemed fit for our catalogue, we will send you a quote.
  3. You accept the quote and place an order.  We will invoice you (30 day terms) at the start of the project.
  4. Our team will work with you to pick up to two peptide antigens for your target protein. At this point you will be given the option to pay $300 for the second design if you have not indicated such wish earlier. Then we will synthesise them, immunise a goat and affinity purify the antibodies using the peptide immunogens.  The process will usually take 5-6 months from order to delivery.
  5. You will either receive up to 2mg* of purified antibody of your choice for $300 + shipment fees, or 2mg* of both purified antibodies for $600 + shipment fees.  We will commercialize the rest.
  6. Your returned validating data will become part of the product sheet in the Everest Biotech catalogue.

* Occasionally the immune response will disappoint and we won’t be able to send any or not the full amount. If not, we will refund your money, re-immunise or send less than 2mg after discussion with you. Antibodies will be delivered in two batches: 0.3mg of each antibody immediately, and a further 1.7mg when you have returned validating data for your required applications to use on our product sheet. Your data will be acknowledged only with your consent.


Frequently asked questions

How will you decide if you wish to proceed?

This promotion is meant to feed and expand our catalogue. The decision to go ahead with your proposed project will be based on the potential impact of the new antibodies on the field of research. 

Is this collaborative program valid for all species?

No, this is for human, mouse and rat antigens. For other species, we offer our regular custom service against unbeatable rates. However, when your protein of interest is highly conserved across many species, you should still apply to this promotion and convince us. 

Why should I order a pair of antibody when I only need one?

The pair gives you the highest chances of getting at least one fit-for-purpose antibody. As a bonus, one of the two may work better in a different application compared to the other one. However, some target proteins do not allow a proper second peptide design, and you also have the option to pay for only one of the two.

Can I order one single antibody for this promotion?

Yes, you may take the option to test only one of the two antibodies that we will develop. We are happy to send you a 0.1mg sample of the second design for testing along side. When you return validating data of the second design, you will receive 0.9mg as a reward. This is independent on your testing results of the first design.

Will I receive test bleeds?

No, you will get antigen affinity purified goat antibody. 

Can I pay in euros/pounds?

Yes, please see how $300 corresponds to GBP (£): click here, and please see how $300 corresponds to EUROs: click here.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, $49 (US shipments), £16 (UK shipments) or €42 (European shipments) per shipment. Please note that there are two shipments for each collaboration project. 


If you have any questions regarding this offer please send us an email.


Everest had built up years of knowledge and expertise carrying out polyclonal antibody production for companies across the globe. We would like to share that knowledge with our customers and other scientists, please view our comprehensive polyclonal antibody production technical support page.