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SP1004 Affinity Purified anti-Modified Peptide Polyclonal Antibody


Modified peptide-specific antibody purification package - Price depending on the peptide modification*

Time Frame:
  • Peptide synthesis ( >70% purity, 15 mg) of custom modified peptide and the corresponding 
    unmodified peptide
  • Conjugation of modified peptide to hemocyanin carrier
  • Immunization of 2 goats (11 week protocol)
  • Terminal Bleeds – expect between 500ml and 1000ml per goat (note only purified antibody will be delivered)
  • Initial antigen affinity purification of modified peptide-specific antibody from each serum giving good responses by ELISA. Affinity purification column using the modified peptide and an affinity depletion column using the nonmodified peptide.
  • ELISA test on both modified peptide and non-modified peptide.




  • ELISA results
  • 3 mg of unconjugated peptides, MS and HPLC reports
  • affinity purified antibody from each goat








  • Peptide Synthesis: 2-3 weeks
  • Immunization and ELISA: 13 weeks
  • Purification and Shipping: 2-3 weeks
  • Total 17-19 weeks









* Any modification to any residue in the immunizing peptide first needs to be discussed with the technical support (, to check availability and price before ordering. Please click here to view our custom antibody and polyclonald antibody services.