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Everest Biotech offers high quality alternatives to the Santa Cruz polyclonal product range

Following the US department of Agriculture (USDA) closure of the Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) goat polyclonal antibody business, Everest Biotech has embarked upon a programme of rigorous testing, to provide the research and commercial antibody markets with equivalent alternatives.

Everest code Principal name Santa cruz code
EB05019 Goat Anti-SOCS3 sc-7009
EB05054 Goat Anti-NCF1 / p47phox sc-7660
EB05149 Goat Anti-SMAD4 / MADH4 sc-1909
EB05285 Goat Anti-COX1 / PTGS1 sc-1752, sc-1754
EB05286 Goat Anti-COX2 / PTGS2 sc-1745, sc-1746, sc-1747
EB05370 Goat Anti-NQO1 sc-16464
EB05424 Goat Anti-TFE3 sc-5958
EB05566 Goat Anti-PAX5 / BSAP sc-1974
EB05586 Goat Anti-ICSBP1 / IRF8  sc-6058
EB05571 Goat Anti-GATA1  sc-1233
EB06000 Goat Anti-FOXA2 / HNF3B  sc-6554, sc-9187
EB06377 Goat Anti-GAPDH (C Terminus) Loading Control  sc-48166, sc-20357
EB06419 Goat Anti-RAN  sc-1156
EB06450 Goat Anti-Smooth muscle alpha-actin sc-1616
EB06468 Goat Anti-RORA sc-6062
EB06683 Goat Anti-Connective Tissue Growth Factor sc-14939
EB06696 Goat Anti-Lamin A / Lamin A/C sc-6215
EB06700 Goat Anti-HNF4A sc-6556
EB06701 Goat Anti-HNF1A sc-6547
EB06713 Goat Anti-BID sc-6538
EB06816 Goat Anti-Cathepsin B sc-6493
EB06852 Goat Anti-OCT4 / POU5F1 sc-8628, sc-8629
EB06874 Goat Anti-GATA1 sc-1233
EB06875 Goat Anti-AKT1 sc-1618
EB06876 Goat Anti-Ghrelin preproprotein sc-10368
EB06890 Goat Anti-MMP9  sc-6840, sc-6841
EB06893 Goat Anti-PSA (isoform 1) / KLK3 sc-7638
EB06929 Goat Anti-Clusterin / APOJ sc-6419, sc-6420
EB06985 Goat Anti-RSK2 sc-1430
EB07025 Goat Anti-PTCH (C Terminus) sc-6149
EB07027 Goat Anti-GLI1 sc-6153
EB07032 Goat Anti-SHH sc-1194
EB07061 Goat Anti-14-3-3 sigma / Stratifin sc-7681, sc-7683
EB07069 Goat Anti-GAPDH (Internal) sc-20357, sc-48166
EB07092 Goat Anti-CDKN2A (isoform 3) sc-8613
EB07094 Goat Anti-CDKN2A (isoform 1) / p16INK4a sc-8613
EB07163 Goat Anti-TNFSF11 / OPGL sc-7628
EB07186 Goat Anti-Histone Deacetylase 1 sc-6298
EB07210 Goat Anti-Ku70 / G22P1 sc-1486, sc-1487
EB07218 Goat Anti-HSD3B1 sc-30820
EB07233 Goat Anti-RET sc-1290
EB07258 Goat Anti-Doublecortex / DCX sc-8066
EB07263 Goat Anti-Leptin Receptor sc-1834, sc-1835
EB07286 Goat Anti-Caspase 3 sc-1225
EB07294 Goat Anti-NMDAR2B / GRIN2B sc-1469
EB07295 Goat Anti-HSPA8 (Isoform 1) sc-1059
EB07312 Goat Anti-PTCH (Internal) sc-6149
EB07341 Goat Anti-NMDA receptor 1 / GRIN1 sc-1467
EB07378 Goat Anti-SOX2 sc-17320
EB07441 Goat Anti-NOTCH1 sc-6014
EB07478 Goat Anti-GFAP sc-6170
EB07553 Goat Anti-CRHR1 / CRF-R (aa 250 - 263) sc-1757
EB07588 Goat Anti-TCF2 / VHNF1 sc-7411
EB07649 Goat Anti-HNF4A sc-6556
EB07691 Goat Anti-AKT1 sc-1618
EB07716 Goat Anti-Uncoupling protein 2 / UCP2 sc-6525
EB07741 Goat Anti-TIA1 sc-1751
EB07858 Goat Anti-KU70 / XRCC6 sc-1486, sc-1487
EB08035 Goat Anti-CRHR1 / CRF-R (aa 107 - 117) sc-1757
EB08362 Goat Anti-Estrogen receptor 2 sc-6820, sc-6821, sc-6822
EB08457 Goat Anti-KIT sc-1494
EB08550 Goat Anti-CMG1 / CCDC2 / IFT74 sc-17320
EB08634 Goat Anti-BRM sc-6450
EB08855 Goat Anti-SOX10 sc-17342
EB08891 Goat Anti-CYBB / GP91-PHOX sc-5827
EB08920 Goat Anti-Clusterin / Apoj (mouse) sc-6419, sc-6420
EB09106 Goat Anti-Desmin sc-7559
EB09166 Goat Anti-AREB6 / ZEB1 sc-10572
EB09214 Goat Anti-KCNQ1 sc-10646
EB09387 Goat Anti-SCRIB / Scribble sc-11049
EB09412 Goat Anti-CSX1 / NKX2-5 sc-8697
EB09441 Goat Anti-TLR4 / CD284 sc-16240
EB09457 Goat Anti-CCNT1 sc-8127
EB09525 Goat Anti-Calnexin sc-6465
EB09793 Goat Anti-TIAL1 & TIA  sc-1749
EB10025 Goat Anti-POU3F2 / BRN2 / OCT7 sc-6029
EB10033 Goat Anti-POU4F2 sc-6026
EB10037 Goat Anti-OCT4 / POU5F1 (mouse) sc-8628
EB10147 Goat Anti-SLC2A4 sc-1608
EB10148 Goat Anti-SLC2A4 / GLUT4 sc-1608
EB10581 Goat Anti-GP91-PHOX / NOX2 sc-5827
EB10589 Goat Anti-p47phox (mouse) sc-7660
EB10594 Goat Anti-GLI1 sc-6153
EB10644 Goat Anti-RAN (aa 197-210) sc-1156
EB10772 Goat Anti-NQO1 (isoform a) sc-16464
EB10781 Goat Anti-Doublecortin / DCX (aa232-242) sc-8066
EB10782 Goat Anti-Doublecortin / DCX (aa69-81) sc-8066
EB10784 Goat Anti-NOTCH1 (aa171-182) sc-6014
EB10789 Goat Anti-HIF1alpha / MOP1 sc-8711
EB10888 Goat Anti-PTCH1 (aa266-280) sc-6149
EB10959 Goat Anti-JAG1 sc-6011
EB10962 Goat Anti-KEAP1 (aa381-394) sc-15246
EB10963 Goat Anti-KEAP1 (aa41-53) sc-15246
EB11123 Goat Anti-SOX10 (aa204-217) sc-17342
EB11171 Goat Anti-Cytochrome P450 1A2 (mouse) sc-9828
EB11172 Goat Anti-cytochrome P450 1A1 sc-9828
EB11173 Goat Anti-Cytochrome P450 1A1 (mouse) sc-9828
EB11207 Goat Anti-Vimentin sc-7557, sc-7558
EB11213 Goat Anti-P19ARF (mouse) sc-8613
EB11308 Goat Anti-Clusterin / ApoJ (mouse, aa312-325) sc-6419, sc-6420
EB11313 Goat Anti-GRIN2A (aa211-224) sc-1468
EB11330 Goat Anti-IRF4 sc-6059
EB11331 Goat Anti-IRF4 (aa393-407) sc-6059
EB11385 Goat Anti-MTOR / FRAP2 (aa1137-1150) sc-1549
EB11428 Goat Anti-Hdac1 (aa385-396) sc-6298
EB11450 Goat Anti-SERCA2 / ATP2A2 sc-8095
EB11639 Goat Anti-Doublecortin (mouse) sc-8066
EB11645 Goat Anti-VEGFA (aa387-399) sc-1836
EB11646 Goat Anti-Clusterin / APOJ (aa44-58) sc-6419, sc-6420
EB11650 Goat Anti-PCNA sc-9857
EB11651 Goat Anti-PCNA (aa111-122) sc-9857
EB11654 Goat Anti-Lamin B1 (isoform 1) sc-6216, sc-6217
EB11655 Goat Anti-Lamin B1 (aa526-537) sc-6216, sc-6217
EB11681 Goat Anti-CD34-T sc-7045
EB11689 Goat Anti-EEA1 (aa821-835) sc-6415
EB11691 Goat Anti-BMP2 (aa288-300) sc-6895
EB11719 Goat Anti-MMP3 (aa459-473) sc-6839
EB11747 Goat Anti-VEGFA (aa288-299) sc-1836
EB11753 Goat Anti-ICAM1 sc-1511
EB11754 Goat Anti-ICAM1 (aa313-327) sc-1511
EB11760 Goat Anti-CTGF sc-14939
EB11761 Goat Anti-CTGF (aa111-123) sc-14939
EB11863 Goat Anti-LIF sc-1336
EB11864 Goat Anti-LIF (aa28-39) sc-1336
EB11975 Goat Anti-Cathepsin B sc-6493
EB11976 Goat Anti-Cathepsin B (aa194-206) sc-6493
EB12031 Goat Anti-VCAM1 sc-1504
EB12145 Goat Anti-KIT / CD117 sc-1494
EB12204 Goat Anti-HOXA10 sc-17159
EB12346 Goat Anti-alpha-fetoprotein (aa68-82) sc-8108
EB12542 Goat Anti-CTNNB1 / catenin beta-1 sc-1496
EB12543 Goat Anti-CTNNB1 / catenin beta-1 (aa108-121) sc-1496
EB12544 Goat Anti-BMP4 sc-6896
EB12566 Goat Anti-SOX2 sc-17320
EB12592 Goat Anti-CD3E (cytoplasmic) sc-1127
EB12605 Goat Anti-Pecam1 / CD31 (mouse) sc-1505, sc-1506
EB12621 Goat Anti-AIFM1 (aa183-195) sc-9416
EB12622 Goat Anti-AIFM1 sc-9416
EB12666 Goat Anti-VE-cadherin (aa537-549) sc-6458
EB12667 Goat Anti-VE-cadherin sc-6458
EB12834 Goat Anti-HSP60 / HSPD1 (aa333-344) sc-1052
EB12856 Goat Anti-HSPA5 / GRP78 (aa118-131) sc-1050, sc-1051
EB12857 Goat Anti-HSPA5 / GRP78 sc-1050, sc-1051