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Everest Biotech offers high quality alternatives to the Santa Cruz polyclonal product range

Recent controversy relating to the major antibody manufacturer Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) and animal welfare issues has done little to allay scientists concerns surrounding antibody quality issues. The US department of Agriculture (USDA) action against Santa Cruz Biotechnology resulted in a $3.5 million fine and the closure of the company’s rabbit and goat polyclonal antibody business in May 2016. SCBT has been allowed to continue to supply antibodies from stock produced between May 2016 and December 2016 but research establishments are turning their back on SCBT and looking for alternative suppliers.

Everest Biotech is in a prime position to be able to provide alternative reagents to meet the needs of the research and commercial antibody markets and to fill the antibody gap left by SCBT. Founded in 2000, UK based company Everest Biotech has continued to manufacture high quality affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies for the biomedical research market. Everest control the development and manufacture of all antibodies in the Everest portfolio from immunisation, purification through to characterisation. Antibody quality and animal welfare are key concerns for Everest. Everest Biotech is a ISO:9001 accredited company and has approval for goat rearing.

All the antibodies in the Everest catalogue are:

· Manufactured by Everest Biotech.
· Tested by peptide ELISA and western blot.
· >98% of Everest catalogue antibodies are in stock in both USA and UK offices for fastest possible delivery times.


Everest code Principal name Applications Tested Species reactivity Santa cruz code


 WB  H   sc-7009
 NCF1 / p47phox  WB,IHC  H, M, P   sc-7660
 SMAD2 / MADH2  WB  H   sc-6200
 SMAD4 / MADH4  IP, WB   M, x R   sc-1909
 COX1 / PTGS1  IHC-P, WB  H   sc-1752 sc-1754
 COX2 / PTGS2  WB  H  sc-1745 sc-1746 sc-1747
 NQO1  WB  H, R, P  
 TFE3  WB  H  sc-5958
 PAX5 / BSAP  WB  H  
 ICSBP1 / IRF8  WB  H  sc-6058
 FOXA2 / HNF3B  IHC-P, WB  H, R   sc-6554  sc-9187


 EB06377 GAPDH (C Terminus) IF, IHC-P, WB  sc-20357 sc-48166 
 RAN  WB  H  
 Smooth muscle alpha-actin WB   H  sc-1616
 HNF4A  WB  H   sc-6556
 HNF1A  IHC-P, WB  H, M, R  sc-6547
 WB  H   sc-6538


 H  sc-8628 sc-8629


 GATA1  x IHC-P, WB  H  
 Ghrelin preproprotein  IHC-P, x WB  H   sc-10368
 MMP9  WB  H  sc-6840  sc-6841


 Clusterin / APOJ  WB  H  sc-6419 sc-6420


 KI-67 / MKI67    x H  
 EB07025  PTCH (C Terminus)  IHC-P  Drosph  
 14-3-3 sigma / Stratifin   IHC-P, WB  H  sc-7681 sc-7683
 GAPDH (Internal)  IHC-P, WB  H, M, R  
 CDKN2A (isoform 3)  WB  H  
 CDKN2A (isoform 1) / p16INK4a  WB  H  
 Histone Deacetylase 1   ChIP, WB  H  
 HSD3B1  x IHC-P, WB  H  sc-30820
 Leptin Receptor  WB  H   sc-1834 sc-1835
 Caspase 3  WB  H   sc-1225
 NMDAR2B / GRIN2B  WB  R  sc-1469
 HSPA8 (Isoform 1)  WB  H,M   sc-1059
 PTCH (Internal)  IF, WB  H  
 NMDA receptor 1 / GRIN1  WB?  R  sc-1467
 GFAP  E, ICC, IHC-P, WB  H, M   sc-6170
 CRHR1 / CRF-R (aa 250 - 263)  IF  M  
 TCF2 / VHNF1  x IHC-P, WB  H  sc-7411
 TCF1 / HNF1  IHC-P, WB -G2  H  
 EB07716  Uncoupling protein 2 / UCP2  WB  R  sc-6525
 TIA1  WB  H   sc-1751
 KU70 / XRCC6  WB  H   sc-1486 sc-1487
 CRHR1 / CRF-R (aa 107 - 117)  ICC, IF, WB  H, M, R  sc-1757
 Estrogen receptor 2  IHC-P, x WB  H   sc-6822 sc-6821 sc-6820
 SOX10  x IHC, WB  H   sc-17342
 CYBB / GP91-PHOX  IHC-P, WB  H   sc-5827
 Clusterin / ApoJ (mouse)  WB  R  
 Desmin  IHC-P, WB  H, M, R, P   sc-7559
 AREB6 / ZEB1  WB  M  sc-10572
 KCNQ1  WB  H   sc-10646
 CSX1 / NKX2-5  x IHC-P, WB  H, M, R   sc-8697
 Calnexin  E, IHC-P, WB  H, M   sc-6465
 TIAL1 & TIA  IHC-P, WB  H   sc-1749
 POU3F2 / BRN2 / OCT7  WB  H  
 POU4F2  WB - G2    
 OCT4 / POU5F1 (mouse)   WB  M  
 SLC2A4 / GLUT4  WB  M  
 ANGPT1  WB  H  
 p47phox (mouse)  WB  M  
 RAN (aa 197-210)  WB  H, M, R  sc-1156
 NQO1 (isoform a)
 x IHC-P, WB  H   sc-16464
 DCX (aa232-242)  WB  M  sc-8066
 PTCH1 (aa266-280)  WB  M   sc-6149
 JAG1  IHC-P  H  
 KEAP1 (aa41-53)  IHC-P, WB  H, M  
 Cytochrome P450 1A2 (mouse)  WB  M  
 cytochrome P450 1A1  WB  H  
 cytochrome P450 1A1 (mouse)  WB  R   sc-9828
 Vimentin  WB  H   sc-7557  sc-7558
 P19ARF (mouse)  WB  M   sc-8613
 Clusterin / ApoJ (mouse, aa312-325)  WB  M  
 IRF4  WB  H  
 Hdac1 (aa385-396)  ChIP, WB  H, M   sc-6298
 SERCA2 / ATP2A2  x IHC-P, WB   H, M, R  
 Doublecortin (mouse)  WB  M  
 Clusterin / APOJ (aa44-58)  WB  H  
 WB  H, M, R, P
 PCNA  WB  H, P  
 KI-67 / MKI67 (aa98-110)    x H   sc-7846
 Lamin B1 (isoform 1)  WB  H  sc-6217
 Lamin B1 (aa526-537)  WB  H  sc-6216
 CD34-T  WB  H  sc-7045
 EEA1 (aa821-835)  ? WB Band Size  ? H  
 MMP3 (aa459-473)  WB  H   sc-6839
 VEGFA (aa288-299)  WB  H  sc-1836
 ICAM1 (aa313-327)  WB  H   sc-1511
 ICAM1 (aa313-327)  WB  H  
 IL-10 (aa25-39)  WB  x H  
 LIF (aa28-39)  WB   M, R  
 VCAM1  WB  H   sc-1504
 KIT / CD117  WB  H  
 HOXA10  IHC-P, WB  H   sc-17159
 alpha-fetoprotein (aa68-82)  WB  H  
 CTNNB1 / catenin beta-1 (aa108-121)   WB  H  
 BMP4  WB  H  


 CD3E (cytoplasmic)  WB  H   sc-1127
 EB12621  AIFM1 (aa183-195)  WB  H   sc-9416
 EB12622  AIFM1  WB  H, M, R, P  
 EB12834  HSP60 / HSPD1 (aa333-344) 
 WB  H, P   sc-1052
 EB12856  HSPA5 / GRP78 (aa118-131)  WB  H  sc-1050 sc-1051
 EB12857  HSPA5 / GRP78  WB  H  sc-1051


Everest provides a wide range of high quality antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies against numerous target proteins and we are ready to produce new antibodies on a custom basis as necessary. Contact us for more details.