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Everest Biotech offers high quality alternatives to the Santa Cruz polyclonal product range

Recent controversy relating to the major antibody manufacturer Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SCBT) and animal welfare issues has done little to allay scientists concerns surrounding antibody quality issues. The US department of Agriculture (USDA) action against Santa Cruz Biotechnology resulted in a $3.5 million fine and the closure of the company’s rabbit and goat polyclonal antibody business in May 2016. SCBT has been allowed to continue to supply antibodies from stock produced between May 2016 and December 2016 but research establishments are turning their back on SCBT and looking for alternative suppliers.

Everest Biotech is in a prime position to be able to provide alternative reagents to meet the needs of the research and commercial antibody markets and to fill the antibody gap left by SCBT. Founded in 2000, UK based company Everest Biotech has continued to manufacture high quality affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies for the biomedical research market. Everest control the development and manufacture of all antibodies in the Everest portfolio from immunisation, purification through to characterisation. Antibody quality and animal welfare are key concerns for Everest. Everest Biotech is a ISO:9001 accredited company and has approval for goat rearing.

All the antibodies in the Everest catalogue are:

· Manufactured by Everest Biotech.
· Tested by peptide ELISA and western blot.
· 99.8% of Everest catalogue antibodies are in stock in both USA and UK offices for fastest possible delivery times.


Everest code Principal name Santa cruz code
EB05147 Goat anti-SMAD2 / MADH2 sc-6200
EB05285 Goat anti-COX1 / PTGS1 sc-1752, sc-1754
EB05370 Goat anti-NQO1 sc-16464
EB05566 Goat anti-PAX5 / BSAP sc-1974
EB06377 Goat anti-GAPDH (C Terminus) Loading Control  sc-48166,sc-20357
EB06450 Goat anti-Smooth muscle alpha-actin sc-1616
EB06700 Goat ani-HNF4A sc-6556
EB06852 Goat anti-OCT4 / POU5F1 sc-8628, sc-8629
EB06890 Goat anti-MMP9  sc-6841
EB07025 Goat anti-PTCH (C Terminus) sc-6149
EB07069 Goat anti-GAPDH (Internal) sc-20357
EB07186 Goat anti-Histone Deacetylase 1 sc-6298
EB07263 Goat anti-Leptin Receptor sc-1834
EB07295 Goat anti-HSPA8 (Isoform 1) sc-1059
EB07478 Goat anti-GFAP sc-6170
EB07741 Goat anti-TIA1 sc-1751
EB08362 Goat anti-Estrogen receptor 2 Antibody sc-6820, sc-6821
EB08550 Goat anti-CMG1 / CCDC2 / IFT74 sc-17320
EB08920 Goat anti-Clusterin / Apoj (mouse) sc-6419, sc-6420
EB10037 Goat anti-OCT4 / POU5F1 (mouse) sc-8628
EB10772 Goat anti-NQO1 (isoform a) sc-16464
EB10781 Goat anti-Doublecortin / DCX (aa232-242) sc-8066
EB10888 Goat anti-PTCH1 (aa266-280) sc-6149
EB11171 Goat anti-Cytochrome P450 1A2 (mouse) sc-9828
EB11173 Goat anti-Cytochrome P450 1A1 (mouse) sc-9828
EB11207 Goat anti-Vimentin sc-7557, sc-7558
EB11639  Goat anti-Doublecortin (mouse)  sc-8066 
EB11655 Goat anti-Lamin B1 (aa526-537)  sc-6216 
EB11719  Goat anti-MMP3 (aa459-473)  sc-6839 
EB11753  Goat anti-ICAM1  sc-1511 
EB12204 Goat anti-HOXA10  sc-17159 
EB12856  Goat anti-HSPA5 / GRP78 (aa118-131)  sc-1050, sc-1051 
EB12857  Goat anti-HSPA5 / GRP78  sc-1050 

Everest provides a wide range of high quality antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies against numerous target proteins and we are ready to produce new antibodies on a custom basis as necessary. Contact us for more details.